Solo Travellers

When flying solo, it’s just you on an adventure with this destination and you’ll never be at a loss for things to do here. Choose between adrenaline-fuelled activities, close-up wildlife encounters, and humbling cultural interactions – all of which centre on the famed Victoria Falls.

Based at Stanley & Livingstone, 15 minutes from it all, you’ll be close enough to take in the area’s many wonders, but a comfortable distance away to also take time out and just be. Rest assured your stay with us will be unapologetically carefree and luxuriously laid-back.

Check In

Your garden Suite gives you your own space to settle in, while enjoying our attentive service and especially warm Zimbabwean hospitality. You can lounge all day in your robe if you like, luxuriating in the comfort of your canopied king-sized bed, sink-into-me slipper bath, plump TV couch, with heel-clicking room service on call. The main hotel has a more sociable atmosphere and its practically impossible to go about your day without exchanging a few pleasantries with friendly staff and fellow guests. Here, you’re only as solo as you wish to be.


Most travellers land in Victoria Falls with a lengthy bucket-list and solo travellers make the most progress. So go take the plunge with a bungee over the Zambezi, heli flip over the Falls, stroll and shop through the town, safari into Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, local Woodlands Village tour, luxury cruise into the sunset… Our Private Travel Concierge is always on hand to guide you and you’ll have the flexibility to wander on your own or join a small group tour, providing logistical support and a handy way to meet new friends.


There’s no sense in needing a holiday after your holiday and we recommend taking any opportunity to relax. The poolside, with its umbrella shaded lounges, invites you to put your feet up and sunhat down. The hours between excursions are also ideal times to spend being pampered with in-suite Africology spa therapies. The sunny terrace invites sitting back with a MORE coffee and that book you’ve been longing to get into. While the lounge fire sets a cosy scene in winter and, besides the bar, is a favourite spot to gather for a nightcap.


Dining here is a treat, if we say so ourselves, and part of the pleasure of going it alone is not having someone asking if they can try some. But we often find that guests, bursting with stories from the day, join tables to enjoy a meal together and share tales of adventure. If you prefer your own company, you’ll have plenty of options like in-room breakfasts, pool lunches, and dinners at your table in the dining room or on the deck. And with your friendly waiter, who knows your favourite tipple and when to ask about your day, you won’t ever feel too alone.

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