Activities On The Reserve

Rhino Conservation

Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve (VFPGR) was awarded custodianship of four black rhino in June 2006, becoming a designated rhino Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ). This is all thanks to the extraordinary effort and intelligence of the VFPGR Anti-Poaching Unit.

Despite extremely challenging conditions, these dedicated men have made it their life’s purpose to protect these animals. In an effort to drive funding for this critical function, and to bring visitors closer to these extraordinary animals, we have designed the Exclusive Black Rhino Conservation Experience. The late afternoon activity includes an immersive talk with an expert VFPGR Guide, followed by a drive into the reserve in search of the black rhino.

This experience is a very personal and unique view into the world of a pre-historic creature now fighting for its survival on this planet. Guests return to the hotel for a three-course meal at the hotel’s restaurant, 1871 at Stanley and Livingstone

US$150 person (excluding dinner)
US$220 per person (including dinner)

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Game Drives

Our early morning and late afternoon drives, led by expert Field Guides, take guests into a wilderness where the abundance of wildlife is king. Traversing its basalt plains, open grasslands and teak forests to meet the shores of the Masuwe River, guests encounter a great diversity of animals. This includes all of the Big Five, with a healthy population of the extremely rare and endangered black rhino.

Being in a private reserve, vehicles have the freedom to follow herds through the bush with ‘consideration for the delicate ecosystem’ and observe their natural behaviour. Guest are in for another treat with the refreshment (coffee, tea and biscuits in the morning, and local branded beverages and snacks in the afternoon) stops set up at a scenic spot on the reserve.

US$110 per person, game drive only
US$150 per person, including a bush dinner with local branded beverages

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Walking Safari

Ours is the only walking safari of its kind in a private Big Five Reserve within the vicinity of Victoria Falls. It’s a rare opportunity to be in Africa on foot, where everything somehow feels more ‘real’. Traversing the wilderness by vehicle allows guests to see more big game while walking in the bush puts them directly in touch with nature.

The purpose of our walking safaris is the full appreciation of this rich natural kingdom and the beauty of these unique habitats. Guides will tailor walks around guests’ personal interests, focusing on mammals as well as birds, insects, reptiles, plants, geology, etc. Encounters with dangerous animals are avoided, and guides carry rifles to ensure guests’ safety.

But what would a walk be without coming upon an exquisite location for a breakfast safari stop – one of Stanley & Livingstone’s signature experiences? A buffet of fruits, pastries, preserves, cold meats and cheeses are laid out and served along with fresh fruit juices, teas, coffees and hot chocolate – best enjoyed with a dash of Amarula Cream!

Costs: US$135 per person

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Horseback Safari

At Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, riders explore just as the earliest pioneers did in this African Eden, unchanged by time. The reserve is a remarkably beautiful place to traverse, and its plains and riverscapes set a constant backdrop for this adventure.

The diverse landscapes makes for rich riding experiences. With hectares to roam, riders are guaranteed to encounter more wildlife than people for miles, making for a more personal and exclusive safari experience.  Together with two professional guides, small groups of no more than six riders come within meters of shy plains game, including zebra, eland and a variety of other antelope. On experienced rides, there is the excitement of tracking and maybe finding the fabulous black rhino and other big game.

Beautiful-natured and well-trained, they are suited for both gentle rides, as well as more thrilling safari experiences. Rides depart from and return to the quaint Ursula’s Homestead, where coffee and refreshments are served both prior to and after the safari. A daily horse safari is available, which will accommodate either experienced or novice riders.

Novice Ride: US$125 per person
Experienced Ride: US$180 per person

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