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Experiencing Victoria Falls

There is something quintessentially African about a Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe holiday.

This iconic destination promises days of adrenaline-fueled activities, close-up wildlife encounters, and humbling cultural interactions – all of which centre around the area’s wondrous Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River. This is the planet’s largest stretch of falling water, and its sheer enormity and force has powered it into the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Thrilling ways to take it all in are by helicopter or zip line (the longest in the world at 425m/1 395ft) across the gorge. But a leisurely walk through the riverine forest and along the falls is a unique experience, too – there are few major falls that can be viewed on foot at such close proximity. Tempting visitors to the edge is Devil’s Pool, forming each year at the fringe of the falls when the dry season reduces water levels to reveal, what has been declared, the world’s ultimate infinity pool.

Onto calmer waters…

Conserving 2 500ha (6 200ac) is the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve (on which Stanley and Livingstone is located). This is the only privately-owned reserve within the immediate vicinity of the falls, and offers a very special safari experience with the chance to see the rare and critically endangered black rhino. Meander along its waterways on a boat cruise, which offers a novel safari experience with an altogether different perspective.

Experiences on the menu for your pleasure:
*Incurring an additional fee

A) Morning game drive, with breakfast (optional water safari on the lake)

Times: 06h00 for 06h15 pick-up from the hotel, and returning around 10h30
Duration: 4,5h – including transfers
Included: Transfers, tea, coffee, fruit juice, water, snacks, bush breakfast on return

B) Evening game drive, with boma dinner (optional water safari on the lake)

Times: 15h30 for 16h00 pick-up from the hotel, and returning around 21h30
Duration: 4,5h – including transfers
Included: Transfers, soft drinks, local beers, wine, spirits, water, snacks, three-course bush dinner on return

Please note the following regarding the game drives:

  • Departures are daily, all year-round
  • The minimum number of guests is 2
  • The minimum guest age is 3 years (exceptions may be made for private vehicle hire)
  • Pick-up times vary between summer and winter, and can be confirmed at the Private Travel Desk

C) Walking safari

The walking safari takes place on Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve. You are accompanied by a highly-trained field guide, who will introduce you to the many mammal and bird species, as well as draw your attention to the diverse plant life,
on the reserve.

D) Other Vic Falls activities

Our Private Travel Desk also partners with the best service providers to offer you:

  • Birdwatching safari
    Over 130 bird species have been recorded in a single day! Catering for the keen twitcher, the birdwatching safari is a tailor-made experience. By open safari vehicle, boat or on foot, head into a variety of habitats for chances to spot an array of beautiful, unique and rare species.
  • Zambezi fishing
    The Zambezi River is renowned for the quality of its tiger fishing. It has become a bucket-list destination for avid fresh-water anglers determined to ‘take on’ this ferocious game fish.
  • Tour of Victoria Falls
    Walking through the riverine forest and along the falls, you’ll learn more about this environment and its history, before arriving at Dr Livingstone’s statue. Standing next to this landmark becomes nostalgic when considering a lone man made his way through deepest Africa, coming across tribes he could not communicate with and battling illness, to be the first non-African to lay eyes on the falls.
  • Helicopter flight: Flight of Angels (12 minutes)
    Explorer and missionary Dr David Livingstone, on first seeing the Victoria Falls in 1855, famously wrote: “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” Little did he know that, 160 years later, we mere mortals would have a chance to soar above them. The pilot flies left- and right-hand circuits over the falls to give you the best perspectives, up the Zambezi River and over the Zambezi National Park, where you’ll spot game on the plains below.
  • Helicopter flight: Zambezi Spectacular (25 minutes)
    The pilot flies left- and right-hand circuits over the falls to give you the best perspectives, over the Zambezi’s Batoka Gorge, and following the river downstream
    as its carves its way between steep cliffs. On the return leg of the trip, you’ll fly over
    the upper stretches of the river and over the Zambezi National Park, home to an abundance of wildlife.
  • Victoria Falls canopy tour
    Whizz through the forest and out over the Zambezi rapids, catching a glimpse of Victoria Falls Bridge and the dense spray from the falls beyond. Along the way you’ll likely encounter small woodland animals and plenty of birds, like the Knysna turaco and purple turaco louries.
  • Flying fox (cable slide)
    Take a running jump into the air and soar over a 200m-wide gorge, with the mighty Zambezi River gushing 120m below. This is a great way to test your nerve before trying the zip line and George swing.
  • Zip line (foofie slide)
    This is the longest zip-line ride in the world. Zipping across the 425m-wide gorge,
    above the spectacular beauty of the Zambezi River, at speeds reaching 106km/h
    induces a serious adrenaline rush!
  • Gorge swing
    Leap off the edge of the Zambezi River gorge to free-fall 70m, before swinging high above the rapids. The views will take your breath away – if this ride hasn’t already!
  • White-water rafting
    The wildest white water in the world! Victoria Fall’s mile-long curtain of water thunders into the Zambezi River gorge below, creating an environment for white-water rafting unlike unlike anywhere else on earth.
  • Chinotimba Township Tour
    ‘Chinotimba’ in the local Nambya language describes the roar of the water from the mighty Victoria Falls. The Nambya and the Tonga are the original people of the Victoria Falls area, and the majority live in vibrant Chinotimba. On a tour here, you’ll visit some of its oldest houses and taverns, the local market, its churches and a primary school to give you insights into township life.
  • Meet the People Village Tour
    Experience the warmth of Zimbabwean hospitality when you visit an authentic rural village, approximately 20 km from Victoria Falls Town. You’ll experience its people’s culture by visiting them at their homes, watching them tend their fields, and possibly helping them with some of their day-to-day tasks. A highlight of the tour is a chance to meet and chat to the village chief, who’ll tell you more about their way of life.
  • The Art Village Tour
    The Ndebele people’s art is an expression of their culture, and gives great insight into their way of life. Join this multi-faceted and interactive tour to experience their culture first-hand. Lead by chief Mpsis, you’ll explore the village, before taking an art workshop with his son. The piece you produce is to take home with you as a memento. The day ends with a traditional dinner, prepared by the woman of the village, and upbeat entertainment of drumming and dancing.
  • Zambezi sunset cruise
    A leisurely pursuit; float down the Zambezi, coming across hippos bobbing in the water and birds foraging onshore, while minding the sly crocodiles. Drinks and snacks are served on board, and it’s an idyllic way to soak up the last rays of the sun and toast another adventure-filled day in Victoria Falls.

Bespoke experience packages can be arranged

Activities can be pre-booked on confirmation of reservation, or through our Private Travel Desk once at the hotel.

Contact us should you wish to book or enquire.