It’s hard to pick a most inspiring moment from a Vic Falls adventure. Between mimosa toasts by the watering hole, the shared thrill at being drenched in the spray of the Falls, and a surprise private dinner at the poolside – they’re well known for bringing couples together to reconnect.

Being in such an intimate environment, you probably don’t want to smother each other either. Our personalised service means you’re free to indulge in a massage in the tranquillity of your garden Suite, and your partner won’t sulk for being sent off to enjoy their favourite tipple in the bar lounge.

You can make a date of a late-afternoon cruise along the Zambezi, and dial up the mood with sundowners and snacks on the top deck.

Check In

Your garden Suite is a private sanctuary, set apart from the others, where you need not forgo this luxury for attentive hospitality. Every comfort and convenience is provided, leaving you with quality time to spend together on your couple’s getaway. Romantic moments and just-the-two-of-us relaxation are a given. In-suite spa treatments, a table set for two on your terrace, and special room turndowns offer opportunities to check-in with each other.


Adventure introducing excitement – the stuff of new memories – is promised, too. Helicopter trips over the Falls will make your heart flip, scenes from the Flying Fox across Batoka Gorge will take your breath away, and perhaps you’ll brave a bungee together… before cruising into the sunset, cocktail in hand, aboard the Zambezi Explorer. Vic Falls is a nature- and adventure-lovers’ paradise – just speak to our dedicated Private Travel Concierge.


Couples looking to retreat from the bustle will find a haven in Stanley & Livingstone. Set in tranquil gardens, surrounded by natural reserve and a stone’s throw from Victoria Falls, it’s the perfect getaway whether you are looking for a bit of adventure or a peaceful escape. Preferences may differ and true enjoyment is getting the most out of your stay. With this in mind, in-suite facials and massages, pool/fireside cocktails, birdwatching from the terrace… work just as well for a date as a bit of me-time.


The pleasure of being on holiday is it takes the normal concerns – What should we eat? Who is going to make it? – out of life and leaves them up to us, while you enjoy each other, glasses of wine and your oh-so-pretty surroundings. The other joy is being treated to what you ordinarily wouldn’t eat at home, making dining an adventure in itself. Our chefs of 1871 at Stanley & Livingstone pride themselves on giving much-loved dishes a contemporary, local twist with the freshest, seasonal ingredients introducing you to delicious new flavours.

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